A.10.1.1 Policy on the use of cryptographic controls

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Cryptographic controls can be used as a way to ensure confidentiality (encryption), maintain integrity (digital signatures), authentication (SSL) or non-repudiation.

Define what kinds of cryptography should be used in what situations.


Our organization's use of cryptographic controls is defined here: Cryptography policy.

Cryptography policy
Following the /wiki/spaces/DEMO/pages/5670005, encryption must be used to protect confidential and/or sensitive information at rest or in motion.

Requirements for certificates

  • The maximum duration for signing certificates is 1 year
  • The maximum duration for SSL/TLS certificates is 2 years
  • The use of wildcard certificates is not allowed
  • All certificates should have a key length of at least 2048 bits
  • All certificates must be administered via asset management on Certificates

Requirements for SSL connections

  • All public facing websites are scanned each quarter using ssllabs.com, a score of "A" is considered minimum
  • The use of SSL is not allowed
  • TLS 3.0 is recommended, TLS 2.0 and 1.0 should be supported
  • Web servers must be configured to use the highest level of encryption first

Requirements for email

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